A Spectacular Lake

The sight I now see… simply captivates me −

could it be the door to my dreams?

Wide-eyed with wonder… my heart is uncovered.

Please… let THIS… be my destiny.

Have you had the experience of encountering something so wonderful that it was hard to imagine anything better existed? If so, did you find yourself, like Dragonfly Denny, “bargaining” to attain it? She thought she was at the door of her dreams, but it refused to open. When “hope deferred makes your heart sick,” how do you hang onto your dreams?

If you believe in a Power that orchestrates life, it can be difficult to face the reality that sometimes doors we long to be opened remain shut (especially if you’re not emotionally convinced that Divine Goodness can come through for you – in both the open and closed door). Has it confused you, like it did Denny, why something that captivates you so thoroughly might be sovereignly allowed to come across your path, but then the door doesn’t open?

What to do with disappointment…

do I feel or bury pain?

It’s hard to hope when dreams are broke.

Do I dare to dream again?

It’s important to work through disappointment by feeling our feelings and what the loss means to us instead of simply burying the sadness and moving on. If we don’t process pain, it will eat away at us and can tempt us to give up on dreaming altogether.

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