Celebration of the Arts

Do you have a love of art…

music… dance… and theater parts…

poetry… creative prose?

Denny knows that song by heart.


Dragonfly Denny gets to finally fly her artistic, creative dream – persuaded that the King’s love is “really best captured as art” (and artistic expression comes in many different forms).

Have you ever watched a movie or listened to a piece of music and found yourself surprised by unanticipated tears? What do you believe makes certain architecture, sculpture, or painting inspirational? The arts have a way of reaching deep into the spirit. Any thoughts on why you think that is?

One fascinating reason to ponder is called DNA music. If you’ve never heard of it, check it out online. Scientists and musicians have found a way to take the DNA of a living organism, assign it musical values, and voilà − it becomes a song. The more intricate the organism, the more complex the music it creates. And, because each person’s DNA is unique, each person has a song that is theirs alone.

As a matter of fact, in the original language, there is a biblical reference to each one of us being God’s “poiéma” (the root word for poem). Did you ever think of yourself as a poem? How would it feel for you to believe you are pure poetry? And, what is a poem set to music called? A song. Do you think it possible that our deepest dream, the person we were meant to be, might literally be a song written on the fabric of our hearts, crying out to be sung?


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