Chamber Music for the Heart

Maestro of me,

soak my soul with song.

Harmonize the pitch of my character with Yours.

Tap out a steady tempo of gentle generosity and joyfulness.

Condense kindness into a clarinet of quarter notes

that saturate like summer rain.

Pool patience and peace into a duet that beckons others

to wade into the depths of Rest that You are.


Let love linger long as the canticle of a soul seeded richly

with the self-governance that routes the discord of fear.

Wisk me into a waltz of faithfulness

spun into the nine-fold chord of the Spirit

that weds my essence to Yours.


Then . . .

because the mouth speaks out of that

which fills the heart,

tune my tongue to the music

You have written in the key of me.

Let it drift through the air as windblown seed

(the lyrics of the Spirit)

ready to find open ears that receive as fertile soil

the soothing harmony which heals

the deep places of the heart.


[Composed in the key of “see”]


[From the book The Voice of Rachel Weeping: A Creative Journey of Compassion, Healing, and Hope for Abused Women available through Xulon Press. ]

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