Dealing with Dark Nights of the Soul

Pounding waves and high-speed winds

come with storms in life.

The devastation that it brings

can block me from the Light.

It is one thing to try scaling a treacherous “mountain” metaphorically or to emerge from the darkest of “valleys” with a tangible Spiritual Presence in your life. It is quite another thing to experience despair that seems to go on and on with no end in sight while the heavens themselves seem like brass with no response.

Dragonfly Denny’s “dark night of the soul” terrified her and shook her faith (as the focus of her attention shifted to the scary nature of her circumstances). Nevertheless, she clung for dear life and weathered her storm. When life is dark and there seems to be no answers or no relief in sight, have you been tempted to “jump ship”? If you were, what did that mean for you − what did you want to do? Did you do it?

If you know what it’s like to endure a “dark night of the soul” and you’ve come out on the other side, what was that process like for you? What did you learn? How might you help someone else going through a similar season?

Dark nights of the soul… that I have known

(and come out the other side)

gave me some tools that I can use

to help another face their storms… endure their scary ride.


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