If the Shoe Fits

Artist of artists, Poet of souls

 sculpt me my destiny

richly compose −

the song I am to sing in life

the dream I am to paint

the dance that best will honor You

the music I’m to make.

Your DNA signifies that there is not (nor has there ever been or will be) another person just like you. You are meant to be celebrated. If you don’t already enjoy (and can express) the ways in which you are uniquely different from everyone else, how might you begin? If the question was asked, “Who are you?” − besides simply stating your name, how would you respond?

A Designer’s original…

precious… unique… simply unrepeatable.

What kind of “label” do you wear?

Your countenance will tell.

Does it reflect what you are worth?

Wear your value well.

Dragonfly Denny received a nickname from the King. It characterized her transformation and the essence of who she had become (as well as the value he saw in her). Have you ever pondered distilling that which typifies yourself down to a few words?  If you have, what would that be? If you haven’t, would you consider meditating on that?



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