The Open Sea

An open sea… the space to fly

no more clipping of my wings.

Authority… plus opened eyes −

a gift the King did bring.

When we have expectations placed on us to complete a task, or a burden of responsibility to shoulder, but are not given the backing and resources from those in authority to carry it out, it can be extremely stressful. Has that ever happened to you? If so, what was (is) that no-win scenario like for you? Alternately, have you had situations where someone in a position of power or authority opened a door of greater influence for you than you could have secured on your own? If you did, what was that like for you?

An “open sea” is given to Dragonfly Denny as a gift from the Dragonfly King to fly her dream. Being granted unlimited space in the physical realm to walk out (or in Denny’s case fly) one’s destiny is certainly awesome. But what if you are not yet convinced of who you are meant to be? Would you be able to utilize that gift? Drawing from a hidden word play, how important do you believe it is for one to obtain an “open see” (having one’s own eyes opened) to comprehend with a sense of certainty the person he/she is meant to be?

No more boxes left

(imprisoned dreams)…

my chains are gone

and I am free

to finally fly my destiny.

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