Mountains and Valleys

Monumental challenges…

mountains climbed in life…

valleys that were oh so steep

I had trouble seeing light.


But those days are now behind me

and… I learned a priceless truth −

there is treasure in the darkness

(if you dig to find the gold).

Hidden there are precious gems

secret wealth untold.

In Dragonfly Denny’s journey, the mountains and valleys she passes over are breathtaking and awe-inspiring. Viewed symbolically, however, a mountain in our life can feel monumental and overwhelming, while a valley can be a time of deep sadness (hardly things we might consider beautiful). What were some of the mountains and valleys you’ve faced in life? Did they draw you closer or further away from pursuing a spiritual journey? What did you learn?

If we choose to view them differently, the “mountains” and “valleys” in our lives can indeed generate a sense of awe and inspiration. It all depends on our willingness to utilize those experiences in some redemptive way that empowers and equips us to turn around and assist others in similar situations. Have you been able to use the treasure you gained from your experience of a mountain or valley to help someone else? How did you accomplish that?


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